Shishu / शिशु / શિશુ means baby and verse resonates the vastness of the universe. Shishu’verse = universe for babies.

Shishu’verse is a team of passionate individuals, here to revolutionise child care in ways that will make parenting less challenging and more fun.

Keeping this emotion of parenthood as a focal point we make products with aesthetic beauty and purpose and our brand aims to create a sense of belonging and security for parent and child .We aim to make products and designs that are in alignment with our current lifestyle yet hold essence of our desi nuske as we are proud of our roots and culture.

Our products include use of 100% sustainable fabrics and make sustainable fabrics a norm. Our long term vision is to introduce different types of sustainable fabrics and create a universe of products which can make life of every parent simpler and cause less harm to the environment.

Just like the universe, at shishu’verse there are limitless possibilities and opportunities to bring about change and create an impact.
“The thought that my products can create a difference in some parents life keeps me motivated and I’ve always wanted to create a brand that not only provides the best for the parents and child but also for our Mother Earth. With Shishu’verse I want to give parents the opportunity to choose best for their child and the environment at the same time – Pooja Kikavat ( Co-founder, Shishu’verse)